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AeroDR LT delivers more than a fast, high quality image in a wireless digital flat panel.  It provides unparalleled versatility to address all your Primary Imaging needs. This next generation wireless detector is robust and water resistant2 for reliable high capacity imaging to help maximize outcomes in productivity, patient satisfaction and return on investment.



AeroDR XE is the simple, reliable, robust wireless DR solution for the most extreme environments. AeroDR XE is for healthcare providers that need to image patients outside of the radiography department under extreme physical and environmental conditions like ER/Trauma, ICU/CCU or at the patient’s bedside. Robust by design, the AeroDR XE delivers unparalleled reliability and high-capacity imaging. The AeroDR XE is the lightest panel available today weighing only 5.7lbs. The panel is liquid resistant reducing the likelihood of damage due to fluids in the exam area.

AeroDR Flat Panel Detector

AeroDR is the easiest way to achieve digital workflow. Preserve your investment and maintain economic value in existing radiography rooms with the AeroDR detector that fits existing equipment. Gain the clinical confidence you need for patient care decisions with the fast, high-quality and reliable AeroDR!

AreoDR Retrofit Portable Solution

Konica Minolta’s new portable upgrade kit efficiently and economically turns your current portable X-ray system into a digital wireless solution.

            AeroDR X70

Konica Minolta’s versatile AeroDR X70 X-ray system with tilting wall stand and table bucky provides medium to high-volume imaging facilities with a flexible, high quality digital X-ray solution.

AeroDR X70 has a seamless integration with the X-ray generator and hospital or radiology information system.

Also the newly developed console for AeroDR, CS-7, takes advantage of the AeroDR’s characteristics, for implementation of an intuitive, simple, and smart operation platform.



For facilities with continuous, high volume imaging, the ImagePilot Aero is an innovative wireless Digital Radiography imaging solution that provides superlative image quality, X-ray dose efficiency, and significantly increased productivity all while assisting with long term cost management.

  AeroDR Auto-Stitching System


The AeroDR Auto-Stitching system allows for up to three images to be acquired, stitched together, and ready to transfer to PACS in under 30 seconds. This highly accurate and easy to use system can help improve patient experience and departmental throughput. The AeroDR Auto-Stitching system is offered for sale into existing rooms as a retrofit accessory and also offered for sale with the Konica Minolta AeroDR X70 full X-ray room solution.

The AeroDR Auto-Stitching System, includes a dedicated upright stitching device combined of the AeroDR Stitching Unit, which automatically vertically aligns the AeroDR 14″x17″ STD or HQ type panel and is mounted on the AeroDR Stitching UT WS Mounting base. Also included with the Auto-Stitching system is the Auto Barrier Unit which automatically holds and aligns the stitching mask with the position of the AeroDR detector during exposure.


 ImagePilot Aero for Orthopedic Clinics


Simple. ImagePilot Aero for Orthopedic Clinics utilizes an easy to maneuver, lightweight DR panel along with advanced orthopedic toolsets to simplify use throughout the clinic.

Trouble Free. With our strongest, most resilient flat panel detector, ImagePilot Aero for Orthopedic Clinics helps ensure greater uptime despite unforeseen events such as panel drops or forgetting to charge the panel.

Financially Intelligent. ImagePilot Aero for Orthopedic Clinics provides a better return on investment through improved patient care, managed long term cost of ownership, and increased reimbursable imaging capacity—without replacing your existing X-ray equipment.


Blue Moon DR Lifecycle Products


Minimize downtime
Gain peace of mind with Blue Moon and Konica Minolta Medical Imaging. In addition to providing the most reliable DR and CR solution available today, Konica Minolta’s Blue Moon for AeroDR delivers dependable technical service around the clock, so you can get the answers you need when you need them. Remote support tools enable quicker problem diagnosis and resolution, including confirming usability of a dropped AeroDR panel, for less downtime and uninterrupted performance.

Maximize productivity
Deliver clinical confidence and efficiency by arming your staff with optimized workflow, the latest software, and annual applications training. Get the newest enhancements to maximize productivity and diagnostic toolsets with Blue Moon. Keep staff well-trained, knowledgeable and equipped with the skills to deliver high quality, efficient exams and enhance clinical confidence.

Eliminate risk
Cover the most expensive components against unexpected failure and high cost surprises. With Blue Moon coverage you can reduce financial exposure from accidental panel damage or catastrophic disaster. Enhance the economic value of your AeroDR imaging investment by covering software upgrades, training and support costs.

Blue Moon goes beyond typical warranty and repair services for worry-free operation throughout your AeroDR product lifecycle.



Premier Radiology purchased 5 ImagePilot AeroDR’s:
We were looking for a CR system to pair with a GE Precision 500 and were pleasantly surprised that the Konica Minolta AeroDR system is an affordable option. We have been very pleased with its performance and have installed it at 5 of our locations.

Suzanne Sutton
Radiology Director, Premier Radiology