Medical Chillers


It is very important to CHILLKING® that our customers understand the great care and testing that goes into each Chillking. Our chillers draw less power than most of our competitors, while doing so they produce more BTUs. When you compare specs please notice the minimum breaker size and running load amps. Every chiller manufacturer has to use the same formula in calculating these loads. Most Chillking models use 15% to 20% less electricity than most of our competitors. This is very important because this savings alone can pay for your Chillking.


This is very important to you. Every Chillking must produce 110% of it’s listed tonnage at a test temperature of 90F to 95F with a LWT (leaving water temperature) of 45F. That means if we tell you it is a ten ton chiller it will produce 11 tons. Not only that, the chiller you purchase has been given a BTU load test. Our chillers will not leave the factory without producing plus 10% of it’s rated BTUs. This means when you are comparison shopping, you know that your Chillking chiller will produce more BTUs for less electricity. This is important also because it will reach set point 10% faster, saving even more energy. If it runs 10% less, it will last 10% longer over the years.

EXPERIMENT & DESIGN             

We encourage our employes to share ideas. We pay bonuses based on suggestions. If a Chillking employee brings an idea that we patent, it is shared equally when titled. We are constantly fine tuning and trying to increase our performance. Sometimes the smallest change produces great gains. Chillking is always designing new products. Our customers know that they can bring us problems because we have solutions. 


Every Chillking is run and load tested before crating for shipping. Each Chillking chiller is also BTU load tested. Our chillers are ETL listed and will soon be EU CE listed. You can count on a Chillking to perform. 2 tons to 200 tons.






  • Biograph System
  • Sensation 16,40, 64 & Open CT Systems
  • Mevatron K Class Equipment
  • Open MRI
  • Harmony & Symphony MRI
  • Mevatron Primus
  • Avanto MRI
  • Trio MRI
  • Magnatom MRI
  • Horizon 1.0 and 1.5T MRI
  • Signa Horizon MRI
  • Optima MR450W 1.5T MRI
  • Discovery MR450 MRI
  • Signa MR750 3.0T MRI
  • PETtrace 800
  • Panorama .6T Open MRI
  • Panorama .23T Open MRI
  • Panorama 1.0T Open MRI
  • Brilliance 16 Slice
  • MX8000 Quad CT
  • Intera Pulsar, Enterprise, Achieva 1.5T Pulsar MRI
  • Intera Achieva 3.0T Quasar Dual MRI
  • Achieva Quasar 3T, Dual 3T, Nova 1.5T and Dual 1.5R MRI
  • Altair Open MRI
  • Echelon 1.5T MRI

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