Equipment Service and Maintenance Contracts:

Interstate Imaging gives you a predictable approach to equipment maintenance and repair. A straight forward, affordable annual or monthly contract means that you don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses or parts costs.

Comprehensive service for all of your imaging modalities and equipment is provided by a single company. When a problem arises, you know where to turn.

Averting problems through proactive, preventative maintenance services. That means less costly downtime and fewer frustrated patients and clinicians.

Rapid response. If equipment isn’t performing correctly, you’re assured of immediate service from service professionals in your area.

Expertise to help with decision-making. If you’re thinking about replacing equipment or adding new capabilities to your facility, our team of professionals can help you make confident choices.

I-CARE customers receive priority dispatch for service calls and the benefits of scheduled PM’s that will not disrupt scheduled patient workflow.

Customizable Service Agreements:

Full Service             Preventive Maintenance
Time & Materials       In-House BioMed Support
First Pass                Customizable Agreements

Provide Administration of Equipment Maintenance
Conduct Quarterly Meeting with Department Managers
Inventory Reports
Schedule Preventive Maintenance
Detailed Performance Metrics
Joint Commission Documentation
Capital Equipment Planning
Strategic Planning and Equipment Logistics