H-FPG Complete

h-dr102 – 17X17C-FP Complete upper extremity FlatPanel x-ray system

20/20 Imaging brings 20/20 vision to your practice. Our latest DR technology is a giant leap forward, bringing the very latest technology of digital imaging to your practice. The H-DR HG+ is our newest & most complete DR system; including full x-ray and retrofit options, the easy to use HG+ digital receptor, high end computer technology, full Opal-RAD software package with the most robust features, extended warranties, and an on-site installer and trainer to make sure you are comfortable and 100% satisfied.

H-FPG FLATPANEL (Gadolinium)

The versatile Flat Panel DR system offers images within seconds of exposure. The 17×17 inch panel produces high quality images. FPG offers true flatpanel technology.

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Meet the system:


  • Radial Arm design – 40″ SID
    Rotates 45° for Carpal Tunnel View
    Adjustable collimator
  • Flush Table Top Design
    Comfortable for complete patient study

Retrofit options available


17×17 H-FPG DR Flatpanel


  • True DR Flatpanel Technology
    3.6 lp/mm
    Active Area: 16.81″x16.81″
    Pixel Matrix: 3072×3072
    Bit Depth: 14-bit
    Scintillator Type: GOS (Gadolinium)
    DQE (Detective quantum efficiency): 35%
  • Integrated directly into x-ray unit
  • Cost Justification
    Eliminates Darkroom Film Processing
    (film, chemistry, processor cleaning & maintenance, storage, etc.)


PC Hardware

Dell™ brand Business Class Components†

Server PC (Full PACS)*

  • Core i3, 4GB ram†
  • 1TB RAID 1 mirror (failsafe system)

Acquire Laptop

  • Core i3, 4GB†
  • Space saving design for x-ray room

23″ LED/LCD 2MP Viewing Monitor

Off-site backup system

  • 2.5″ lightweight portable hard drives

Opal-RAD Software

Multi-functional Studylist (see above)

  • Burn/Import CDs
  • Compare images (post/pre op)
  • Custom search/query
  • Customize user privileges

Acquisition (see above)

  • X-Pipe Technology: sharper images, clarity
  • Auto Contrast upon processing
  • Image auto-shutter/crop

Viewer (see left)

  • User friendly, DICOM compliant, DPM Tools††
  • 5 additional viewing licenses included
  • WORLDWIDE access: view from anywhere!*

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On-Site Install & Training    

  • System setup by professional 20/20 certified installer
  • Full training for both doctors and x-ray techs
  • Monitoring by tech to ensure entire trained staff is completely comfortable


  • X-Cel X-Ray: 5yr parts (mechanical), 24months Tube, Glassware and Electronics pro-rated, 1yr labor
  • 10X12HG+ DR Panel: 3 year warranty
  • PC Components: 3year full on-site incl. parts†††
  • Experienced live technician support after installation

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†Dell brand and PC components/models/specifications may differ and are subject to change. Dell logo and photos copyright Dell

†††On-site Service After Remote Diagnosis. Provided by Dell: designed to deliver convenient and timely warranty repair service at your location to help minimize downtime and save you time, worry and hassle. Determination by online/phone technician of cause of issue; may involve customer access to inside of system and multiple or extended sessions. On-Site Service: if issue is covered by Ltd Hardware Warranty [www.dell.com/warranty] and not resolved remotely, technician and/or part will be dispatched, usually within 1 business day following completion of Remote Diagnosis. Availability varies. Other conditions apply.
*Peripherals: 12 months (external backup drives, battery backup, monitor, keyboard & mouse).

*WORLDWIDE access includes OpalWeb license, however a certified IT personnel must configure Server PC at expense of customer