Affordable cr scanner system

20/20 Imaging’s CRII+ is the ideal solution for converting x-ray to digital. The CR is scalable and has a sleek footprint that is easy to install virtually anywhere. Weighing only 43lbs, the CR II can easily be used in applications where space is limited. An optional vertical wall mount is available, offering multiple installation options. CRII+ offers an easy in field upgrade to go from 20 plates per hour to 70 plates per hour, as your facility volume grows. CRII+ is supported by Symphony III post processing software.


Next generation in CR reader technology

  • High image quality & affordability
  • Ultra clean and crisp images
  • Lightweight and portable (42.4lbs)
  • Wall mountable option



  • Up to 70 plates/hr
  • Cassette sizes: 14×17″, 14×14″, 10×12″, 8×10″
  • Dimensions: 5.4”x17.9”x31.6” (117x464x703mm)
  • Power Requirement : 110/220/240V, 60/50cs, 150W
  • 10 pixels/mm at 73 pph(100um scanning mode) 10×12